Piazza Cinque Giornate, 1 - 20129 Milan, Italy

SC Management

Employment agency based in Milan
Is looking for qualified staff who want to be part of a dynamic, collaborative, results-oriented environment


selects for prestigious company operating in the Hotellerie and Catering sector in FLORENCE.



  • Optimize table rotations;
  • Ensure maintenance of average ticket to target, action plans and product sales training;
  • Ensure the smooth running of operations in the hall;
  • Take action on maintaining people cost in the room;
  • Ensure compliance with the materials in the room.



  • Relevant Sector: Tourism – Catering – Public establishments;
  • Hourly Availability: Full-time;
  • Place of work: FLORENCE (FI);
  • Placement: immediate/as soon as possible

The grade level and salary will be communicated later40


  • Of excellence, performance, regularity and speed of service;
  • Of welcoming internal and external customers to the facility;
  • Of respecting the hygiene of the room;
  • Of team schedules;
  • Of orders and stocks of wines, dishes, etc.
  • Of the case.


  • Preferably aged 18-55 years;
  • Possession of an educational qualification equivalent to or higher than High School Diploma;
  • Previous experience in the role of at least 3 years;
  • Possess a good command of the English language.

They complete the profile of the RESTAURANT MANAGER:
Accuracy, passion for work, dynamism, flexibility, ambition and desire for growth.


It is requested to share CV – CURRICULUM VITAE updated, complete with photos and complete with authorization for data management according to D. Lgs. 196/03.

Il presente annuncio è rivolto ad entrambi i sessi, ai sensi delle leggi 903/77 e 125/91, e a persone di tutte le età e nazionalità, ai sensi dei decreti legislativi 215/03 e 216/03.