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SC Management

How we work

SC was created with the aim of becoming a partner of its customers, building ad hoc management projects and working jointly to achieve and preserve the highest standards of service. For this, we put our professionalism at the service of the customer both methodically from an operational point of view, with trained and competent personnel, and from an administrative point of view, lightening the customer from bureaucratic practices related to staff management.

Saves time and energy

For every entrepreneur, time management is crucial. SC helps you saving the energy you would spend on organizing staff and managing: use it to grow your business, sure to have a partner who supports your growth.

Tranquility and security

In a time of constant economic and regulatory change, outsourcing personnel management is a guarantee of peace of mind and security. SC 's offerings are very diverse and built on your needs.

SC does it all

Entrusting the management of personnel and service to SC, you can forget about staff recruitment for your services, the logistical organization of the teams, the hiring, the calls, the salary of the employees, the processing of monthly pay slips, end-of-year UCs, managing documentation such as employment and information contracts, work equipment, service personnel uniforms, medical examinations and compulsory training courses.

Geographically flexible

SC constantly conducts personnel recruitment and selection activities throughout the country to ensure a turnover of up-to-date figures in line with potential demands.

Seasonal work? No problem!

Finding, hiring, and managing staff for the season is never easy and particularly burdensome: SC saves you the trouble by making itself available to you for the exclusive work period.