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The way to stay in the market? Change. Change while saving money, of course. But on one condition: without losing value and professionalism. How to achieve these goals? Outsourcing some activities through corporate outsourcing. Let’s see what this is all about.

After the growth in stable hires in 2015 and 2016 driven by contribution incentives, in fact, permanent contracts in 2017 decreased and returned to the level of 2014: stable activations and transformations into stable employment relationships were 2,220,000 with a decrease of 10.77 percent compared to 2016 (2,488,000), the year in which there were still incentives albeit reduced.

There had been talk for many months about the government’s intention to introduce mandatory payroll payment through banks or post offices in order to prevent employees, under the blackmail of being fired or not hired, from being pressured to sign a paycheck showing a regular paycheck even if in reality less than the minimums stipulated in the collective bargaining agreement are paid.

The HACCP course serves to provide knowledge in hygiene and safety for all those who wish to undertake work in the food industry. It is a
mandatory course of study (provided for and regulated by standards) that enables the food handler to
To operate safely with respect to food and foodstuffs.