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After the growth in stable hires in 2015 and 2016 driven by contribution incentives, in fact, permanent contracts in 2017 decreased and returned to the level of 2014: stable activations and transformations into stable employment relationships were 2,220,000 with a decrease of 10.77 percent compared to 2016 (2,488,000), the year in which there were still incentives albeit reduced.

During a job interview pay attention to your tone of voice and how you move. Sit composed, make eye contact with the person in front of you, don’t speak too fast or too loudly, take pauses, and make sure you have your interlocutor’s attention. Eye contact is important to calibrate the conversation; watch the signals it sends you and adjust accordingly.

The room manager or Maître is that professional figure who ensures the smooth operation of the food service. Together with the chef and bartender, this head of service represents the food & beverage management staff.
The Maître is in charge of the dining room and also the manager of his entire brigade (wine chef, chef de rang, commis, etc.) both in terms of the actual service and the hours and shifts that take place in the dining room.As with all businesses, a judicious choice of suppliers and prices can significantly change the year-end budget.

The sanctions provided for false VAT numbers, that is, all those situations in which a person opens a VAT number, not to carry out a real independent professional activity, but to collaborate on a permanent basis with a company, thus disguising a contract of employment, are not that uncommon in an economic situation, where many companies seek expedients to avoid establishing onerous labor relations such as those related to employment.It “must cover all risks to the safety and health of workers, including those concerning groups of workers exposed to particular risks,” including those related to work-related stress, pregnant workers, as well as those related to gender differences, age, and origin from other countries.

Inail Workers’ Compensation Insurance is an obligation that affects all employers who employ employees or parasubordinate workers in activities identified as risky by law; however, it is also a guarantee because the payment of Inail contributions exempts the employer from civil liability for injuries suffered by the worker in the workplace.