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If your goal is to grow professionally as a waiter, bartender, room manager and manager, and to find work in the industry right away, SC Academy provides you with a qualified course to acquire the skills you need, putting them directly into practice by working with us.

Realize your dream of becoming a professional in the world of bartending. Our courses are:

Acquire the skills for an impeccable room service in any scenario. Our courses are:

Become a professional in leading the room team at clubs, restaurants and catering. Our courses are:

Aim to become a qualified venue and club manager through our dedicated training courses:

Let’s accelerate the transition from training to employment: train with SC and work in our team now.

Unplug your professional growth pass within the team and become a key player in our summer season. 

Winter Recruitment

Learn the art and invest it now in SC services for the winter season. Are you ready to join the team?

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Train your staff with SC Academy

Customized projects to train your staff.

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