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Venues and facilities in the Ho.Re.Ca sector have the opportunity to rely on SC Academy to train their employees with dedicated facilities or packages. In fact, the training courses are suitable for both standardization of service for employees who have been employed for the longest time and for new additions who are new to the task, with the advantage of having both speak a common language and providing them with an equalized background.
The strictly operational nature of SC Academy gives its training offerings the ideal basis for professionalizing and effective courses that are ideal for facilities that are in operation.

The speed of learning and the purely theoretical-practical profiling during the lectures provides the trainees with a proving ground and engagement of the techniques and fundamentals of the tasks, bringing them closer in a concrete way to the activities they will be expected to complete while on the job.

Progetto di formazione Taylor Made

SC for B2B has historically focused on customizing offerings to its customers.
For SC Academy, this feature also comes in the form of preventive counseling offered to the partner interested in training its employees.

This preliminary step has the concrete goal of best identifying the client’s needs, the pivotal tasks that are called upon, and the logistical-organizational system that is put in place during operations.

With this crucial step, SC Academy will be able to “tailor” draft an essential, practical, high-performance training plan for the client, limiting the waste of time that pre-set stardardard courses can often represent for activities aimed at maximizing results.

In addition, the briefing also allows us to take a snapshot of the state of preparedness of the actors who will be the protagonists of the training: the employees, allowing us to structure paths that can stimulate and increase their skills in a performant way, adapting them to the context of the client who chooses our solutions.

The end result is a training group that will go through a journey built exactly to prepare them for what they will face in operations or to improve their cooperation and operational systems to increase team potential and business revenue.

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