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Il mondo SC

La nostra storia

Le origini

The SC brand has existed on the national scene since 2017, born from the passion, professionalism, knowledge and experience of the owners in the Ho.Re.Ca world, starting from clubbing to serving hotellerie, restaurant, beach clubs and catering .

A strong personal component is immediately apparent from the company name (the same, in fact, is derived from the last names of the two founders, Gianluca Spagnuolo e Beatrice Caracciolo, who were able to create an alchemy of skills that blended to perfection) and the company’s own mission: the management of personnel for services in a diligent, easy, and above all, effective manner.

Chi siamo

I Fondatori

CEO & Co-founder

Gianluca Spagnuolo

He began his career in the clubbing world as a waiter at the age of 18 until he became manager of some of the most important clubs in Italy. In 2017 he founded SC Management with Beatrice Caracciolo. His diverse background and passion for his work combine with the attention to detail, the speed of execution that he has always expressed and demanded of his brigades, and the propensity for hard-selling that his teams have always put forth. Teamwork, dedication, attachment to the “jersey” and leadership make Gianluca a true example of professionalism.
“Always believe in your abilities: don’t talk, do.”

Co-founder & Legal specialist

Beatrice Caracciolo

Graduated in Law from Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan in 2014; Master’s degree in International Relations at SIOI in 2015, legal practitioner at a Law Firm in Piazza Affari. In 2017 he became a lawyer and in the same year founded SC Management with Gianluca Spagnuolo. The organizational engine of SC Management, determined, precise and demanding, Beatrice paces the group’s activities and spends all her planning skills to turn projects into reality. A citizen of the world for many years, Beatrice combines in herself the enthusiasm and warmth of her homeland, Calabria, with the meticulousness and rigor of the experiences that have forged her over the years, first around Europe, then in the city she has chosen permanently: Milan.

“Per aspera ad astra (and there is no shortcut).”

SC Team

Head Quarter

Operations Manager

Luca Berti

An incurable romantic and dreamer, Luca has trod multiple stages in the northern Italian entertainment scene, in a variety of roles, often different from each other. With a background as a young club manager, he has chosen, over the past years, to grow up and get a feel for different realities, starting in his native Alexandria, moving on to his beloved Rimini and Riccione and arriving in Milan, espousing the cause of SC.

His different past experiences have allowed Luca to become hopelessly passionate about this field, stimulating him to study and challenge himself in contexts often unfamiliar to Him, in first-rate facilities, drawing from it a diverse and valuable background.

A brotherly friend and trusted collaborator then, he provided his expertise, spirit of sacrifice and ambition to make SC a recognized and influential entity in the industry with enthusiasm and empathy.

“I never lose: either I win or I learn,” this is one of the mantras that best expresses his philosophy: the continuous search for more.

Operations manager

Stefano Gajo

Reliability made in person. Stephen is a shining example of how a passion, if pursued with perseverance, tenacity, rigor and sacrifice, can become a job. Until a year ago, this passion for Stephen was an extra that kept him busy in his spare time beyond his employment at a well-known multinational company, until the offer came from SC, which proposed him to join the organizational staff on a permanent basis. Needless to say, the “yes” was lightning fast. Calm and thoughtful at first glance, Stephen has always had his goals clearly in mind: reliable, loyal, precise, and organized, he is the ideal collaborator for whom any company would do anything for. SC and Stephen’s paths inevitably crossed…It could not have been otherwise: dreams, when they pass in front, are immediately recognized. Meticulous and punctual, Stephen has always been a point of reference in all kinds of situations, thanks to his unflappability and, at the same time, his gentle smile, which is instantly contagious. A tireless worker, we can mention one of his “cult” phrases from his gavetta days that best sums up his way of interpreting challenges: “Load it all up, let’s take one ride!”, no doubt an alternative way of expressing the concept of his total self-sacrifice, practicality and concreteness on the job.

Junior Operations manager

Daniele Cannistrà

SC Management’s “enfant prodige,” Daniele, in a little more than two years, has been able to make great strides in his own professional growth: a path that has seen him go from being an excellent and passionate bartender, contract manager first and junior manager later, in charge of the company’s new operational placements. Starting at a very young age, Daniel has been able to accumulate diverse experiences in completely different places from one another, storing up enviable methods, systems and experiences that allow him to proudly tie with older professionals. Being fundamentally very ambitious, he has always paid special attention to precision, order and speed on services, characteristics that have deservedly earned him bar manager roles in prominent venues. We are confident in saying that Daniel is the demonstration and confirmation of his motto: ”The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.”

Account & Back Office Administration

Erisa Cepa

Erisa was born in Albania but grew up in Italy, a land she loves deeply. Passionate about swimming, which she practiced competitively as a child, she retains its competitiveness and ambition to always win. Another aspect that she carries on from an early age is her relationship with the restaurant industry, thanks to the family business that makes her passionate and involves her more and more. In the meantime: a degree in humanities and a law degree, but always with the constant commitment between plates and forks.
Passion that takes her away from the family nest to gain experience and grow professionally: from fine dining to mass catering, her ambition and self-sacrifice make her first a manager and then a human resources manager, taking advantage of the technical skills acquired in her work and the theoretical knowledge learned in years of study, a further leap forward in her professional journey.
Organized, almost to the point of fussiness, she always aims to get to the goal, despite obstacles, without compromise.
SC Work has its own tank.
“Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day after day,” from this motto, which she feels is hers in every way, emerges Erisa’s philosophy of commitment and responsibility, in full accord with SC values.