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“Beaches closed, sea people dream of phase 3”

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We are all waiting for summer, it is a common desire to be able to go to the beach, isn’t it?

Great, as we await new regulations from the government we list below some interesting information (extracted from the above article) broken down by region:


Redistribution of spaces (with spacing of umbrellas, dedicated access routes and care not to create promiscuity and assemblages), sanitation (not only of bathrooms, showers and common areas but also of umbrellas, deckchairs and sunbeds), prohibition of stationing and remote booking and selling of entrances and services.


Umbrellas spaced much farther apart than today, a steward in each establishment to make people keep their distance, and finally catering directly under the umbrella and in the hotels, in each room or terrace where you can eat.


In Liguria, thinking about a summer without the sea is a horror movie, and as early as mid-April the region authorized beachgoers to return to setting up establishments.


Temperature sensing and crossings in the Cilento region but also closed numbers and watchfulness among bathers on the Amalfi coast. In Maiori, they assure that “there will be no unattended stretches of beach”


An app that allows you to choose an establishment or public beach, equipment or even just a pitch and pick your preferred shift, and an electronic rubber bracelet equipped with sound sensors that activate when it intercepts another bracelet at a predefined distance.


They open four beautiful beaches to people with autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit disorder and severe intellectual disability.


Friuli Venezia Giulia is also preparing for Phase 3 by assuming reduced umbrella density, access to services via wristband provided at the entrance, perimeter areas, online booking, and services under the umbrella.


They brand as “idiotic” speculation the plexiglass boxes (“they should try them in our 40-knot mistral) and explain, “We need to hear from the virologists, who have already said that open air, salt water, sunshine and heat should do their part against the proliferation of Covid-19, and from the entrepreneurs, who are already grappling with an unprecedented crisis, and not the philosophers.”

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