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The HACCP course serves to provide knowledge in hygiene and safety for all those who wish to undertake work in the food industry. It is a
mandatory course of study (provided for and regulated by standards) that enables the food handler to
To operate safely with respect to food and foodstuffs.

The room manager or Maître is that professional figure who ensures the smooth operation of the food service. Together with the chef and bartender, this head of service represents the food & beverage management staff.
The Maître is in charge of the dining room and also the manager of his entire brigade (wine chef, chef de rang, commis, etc.) both in terms of the actual service and the hours and shifts that take place in the dining room.As with all businesses, a judicious choice of suppliers and prices can significantly change the year-end budget.

Among general protective measures, risk assessment is an absolutely central fulfillment to ensure the effectiveness of protections in every work environment.
It “must cover all risks to the safety and health of workers, including those concerning groups of workers exposed to particular risks,” including those related to work-related stress, pregnant workers, as well as those related to gender differences, age, and coming from other countries.

We live in a society in which we are constantly subjected to new stimuli and incentivized to learn new notions. This is precisely why the importance of staff training should not be underestimated at all: in addition to fulfilling the employee psychologically, it enables the company to increase production quality.

Speed and efficiency in service are good requirements, especially during peak hours. But what sets your bar apart from the one next door is you, your ability to listen and dialogue. People are more enticed to spend their free time with affable and pleasant people than with skilled bartenders who lack a sense of humor!