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Barman’s communication: the trump card

Communication is a fundamental aspect of the Barman!

The job of barman or bartender requires good communication and public contact skills. Relationships with others, patience and mediation skills are the basis of this profession.

Speed and efficiency in service are also good requirements, especially during peak hours when we are faced with huge thirsty crowds.

But what sets your bar apart from the one next door is you, your ability to listen and dialogue. People are more enticed to spend their free time with affable and pleasant people than with skilled bartenders who lack a sense of humor!

The customer comes before a barman/bartender’s ego

The predisposition for human relationships is very important, because we must never forget that the protagonist of the evening must be the customer: there is nothing more wrong than a flair bartender performing their acrobatic evolutions to please themselves without paying any attention to those on the other side of the counter.

Or a barista extremely skilled in latte art who is mirrored in his imaginative creations, more concerned with satisfying his own ego than the needs of the customer.

Just as, on the other hand, it would be extremely counterproductive if a mixologist dabbled in superfluous information about what he or she is going to create by flaunting his or her knowledge and exaggerating a concept of customer education that has been very fashionable lately.

It must be remembered that in front of us we have a person who probably does not even have the slightest idea of what is being said, and who, perhaps, would prefer a nice informal chat to distract himself from his daily routine.

Such situations are unfortunately seen with extreme frequency.

It is necessary to always remember that a good welcome predisposes the customer positively, and that the welcome and the atmosphere we manage to create is worth as much as the product we are going to sell without ever forgetting to always smile–smiling is contagious!