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HACCP what is it? what is it for?

All professions in the food industry require possession of theHACCP certificate, which is a kind of diploma certifying that you have taken the course and are fit to perform and work in ‘food.

The course involving the HACCP diploma is necessary for all those who are preparing for or are doing trades related to the processing (as well as simple “handling”) of food and food products of various kinds.

By taking the HACCP course you will be able to come to grips with the main regulations in hygiene and food safety. The acronym HACCP stands for “Azard Analysis and Critical Control Point,” and more generally, it is about acquiring specific knowledge that ensures the hygienic safety of food.

Working in the kitchen, you need HACCP

The HACCP course serves to provide knowledge in hygiene and safety for all those who wish to undertake (or are already undertaking) work in the food industry.

It is a mandatory course of study (provided for and regulated by standards) and allows the food handler to to operate safely with respect to food and foodstuffs, both from the point of view of the prior processing of the same, as well as from the point of view of hygienic standards for storing products food and properly sanitize work surfaces and equipment used.

The certificate that will be issued at the end of the “haccp for groceries” course, which can usually last from 4 to 20+ hours, will constitute proof that the food with which your customers come into contact (and that you have handled and processed), are microbiologically safe and prepared in a hygienically rigorous manner, following all the procedures that the course will provide.