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Best sites for creating CVs online

How to make an online resume? Are there any programs or applications that help me with compilation? These and other questions we will try to answer in this brief guide to the online cv.

Resumes that come to a recruiter’s attention are not always able to explain the actual skills and competencies possessed by the candidate.

As we have had the opportunity to write several times among these pages knowing how to write one’s cv correctly is crucial, since it determines its success or otherwise for a possible call for a job interview.

In this guide, however, we will not focus so much on the form and content or of the resume template to choose, but more on the medium to use to draft the personal cv. We will therefore go on to select what we think are currently the best programs for creating an online cv.


The résumé is the professional business card that allows one to launch a career.

Having a well-written and, above all, professionally written Cv can convince the recruiter to schedule a cognitive interview.

Many people think that all they need to do to write a resume properly is to download an online template, enter their personal information and work experience, and that’s it. These procedures are absolutely wrong, or rather they might be okay, but the cv should still be filled out following well-thought-out rules and techniques.

In fact, in order for a Cv to be considered professional, one must not only dwell on substance, but must also offer an aesthetic image that can capture the recruiter’s attention.

Through some research, it was found that today most selections are made directly through social profiles such as Linkedin. For this very reason, it is no longer enough to simply send a resume in pdf or word format, but to try to make your CV unique and catch the attention of companies.

Creating an online CV different from the standard one is really very easy today. In fact, there are plenty of tools on the net that allow you to write your resume directly online.

Among the many tools on the net, we have identified what we believe are the best programs for creating an online cv, which will help you write and make your resume unique.

Of course, the list is only by way of example and not exhaustive, and evaluation is very personal.

Europass Curriculum Vitae

The europass curriculum vitae is an online completion tool made available by the European Community.

Therefore, the Europass Curriculum Vitae is a real personal tool that is filled out directly by the person concerned, either independently or with the help of an operator.

It is a very comprehensive free tool that allows you to draft a complete European format resume, save it, export it to PDF or post it online directly on some of the

best sites for finding jobs online


The application also allows for the creation of a cover letter and offers other numerous benefits such as the presence of tips for the proper drafting of the resume and in addition assistance in compiling it.

Sumry: Writing cv online

Sumry is one of the tools that allows you to write your cv directly online. In this case you allow the user to create a professional timeline where they can enter:

  • Professional experience;
  • Skills;
  • Personal data;
  • Skills;

To be able to create your cv online on this platform, all you have to do is sign up via your email or link your Linkedin profile and add all the data on it directly to the platform.


Enhancv allows you to create your resume online in a few simple steps. The tool allows you to choose from several online resume templates to fill out from the start where they can be edited via a palette of additional tools.

One of the weaknesses of this online platform, is to make one’s cv look similar to a paper European format resume.

Enhancv provides three different types of plans:

  • Free with basic services;
  • 14.90$ per month with the ability to write a maximum of 10 cv’s;
  • Student plan at €2.90 per month. allows you to create a real digital identity. In fact, unlike other platforms, it allows you to create a real web page, where within it you will be able to insert:

  • one’s own photo;
  • social network profiles;
  • bio;
  • contacts;
  • skills;
  • work experiences;
  • qualifications;
  • etc.

Another key feature of this platform is being able to share and comment on the different profiles on it. has two subscription plans:

  • Free;
  • Pro $8 per month or $79 per year.

This tool allows you to create a Cv Infographic. The feature of an infographic Curriculum is to read information through graphs, charts, icons, etc.

The platform provides lots of themes that you can customize and also gives you the option to choose from lots of fonts and colors. The only downside of this tool is that you cannot download your cv in pdf format, but at the same time you can share your profile via social media.

ResumeGenius one of the programs to create a Cv online

It is currently one of the best platforms to create your resume online in only 15 minutes. Like the other online cv creation programs, ResumeGenius also provides plenty of ready-made cv templates for editing.

Finally, the platform also allows the option of being able to create a professional cover letter to attach to one’s CV.