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Getting started in Catering: who is the Commis de lounge?

Those starting out in the restaurant industry will often hear, “You’re going to start out as a waitress commis.” Specifically, we are targeting all students from various Hotelier Institutes who are looking for work during the summer period.

This job description is often perceived in a distorted way, as it is often snubbed and its real value is not appreciated.The dining commis is essential in the team that is involved in catering and gives an excellent foundation for starting an interesting career.

What he is concerned with

Let’s get down to the specifics and see in detail what the room commis does and what they are responsible for. The position is responsible for setting tables, helping to rearrange all the mise en place of the restaurant, and supporting the Chef de Rang in the daily preparation of the room.

During service, the commis shuttles back and forth to bring dishes out of the kitchen, placing them on tables or on a gueridon while waiting for them to be soiled. Room commis take care of the cleanliness of the equipment, table set-up and equipment according to the guidelines and customs of the company in which they work. When the head waiter is absent, he welcomes and receives the customer by accompanying him to the chosen table. One of his assigned tasks is also to pick up the dishes from the buffet counter. Sometimes he may also be in charge of performing customer account transactions and collecting fees, otherwise handing over the orders placed to the attendant in charge.

When the restaurant is included within a hotel, the commis also handles breakfast service (both in the dining room and in the room) and does some of the bartender’s work (when not present) by preparing coffee and cappuccinos. Experienced commis are also assigned the task of optimizing the flow of orders into the kitchen and their exit so that the smoothest and smoothest possible table service is ensured.

Addressing those who are facing or will soon face their work experiences, it is important to emphasize that Have a strong aptitude for learning and a positive attitude (a nice smile in the room is an indication of professionalism and courtesy) means showing that you have an extra gear To be able to achieve excellent results.