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The right “won”: Supplementary Fund disbursed for our Disco Workers

The time of bureaucracy is always long, but finally today we arrive at the concretization of what we had communicated two months ago: the lay off fund (FIS in our case) was disbursed today on the accounts of SC Management’s current staff.

A right that, by custom, was by no means taken for granted.

In fact, as Maurizio Pasca, President of SILB (Sindacato Italiano Locali da Ballo) complained to the Resto del Carlino a short time ago, most of the Workers in the sector have not been able to enjoy the social shock absorbers. Here is the link to the interview:

This is a right that our Society wanted to recognize for its Co-workers at all costs, and of which it is happy to learn that it has become a reality.

Over the years, our category and our workers have convinced themselves that they are “second class,” despite the strong specialization and many sacrifices that the very nature of our professions entails.

They never had access to the most common social safety nets and rights that most workers could enjoy, especially in emergencies like this one.

It should also be said that we are working hard to allow employees hired “on call” to also be able to access this cushion, which we are not allowed to do at the moment.

On a national level, for the “Nightlife” sector, this DUTY and RESPONSIBLE operation entails an additional mark of distinction and pride of our structure, as well as an element of reassurance and conscious choice of Clients who have chosen us for the services of their Activities.

Hugs to all of you, we will be back on track soon!