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The New Professional Figures of Beaches 2020

The beaches will change, Are you ready? We do!

With the “unblocking” for beach establishment maintenance and outfitting activities, some hope of reopening for the summer season (albeit delayed) is on the horizon.

There are several theories floating around about the restrictions that beaches will have to keep when they reopen, and, removing the more outlandish ones pending official confirmation, the most plausible ones might be:

  • Spacing of sunbeds and umbrellas
  • LIMITATION in common areas such as bars, restaurants and kiosks
  • CHANNELING access via app or hourly reservations

This “change of course” suggests strategies for us to adopt in order not to be found unprepared, and we want to share them with you, on the study also of systems that are already being used in other sectors,

But let’s go by points:

  • The spacing will limit the number of occupiable positions compared to the past. Was it 300 before? Today it could be 150… That is why it will be crucial to increase the
    of the Customers who will enter the Establishment! The solution we suggest is to structure your establishment for SERVICE AT THE BED with waiters who can take orders and bring them directly to the beach umbrella, here the “Chef de Plage” is born !

This service in addition to being very popular already in several tourist locations, allows a small increase in the price for the service, and ESPECIALLY, if carried out by the RIGHT OPERATORS, the “
Chef de Plage
” (version of the Chef de Rang for catering adapted to the beach, nice huh?!), an increase in average receipt through targeted sales proposals (e.g., Dish to go with Cocktail, Listing of bottles as in Beach Clubs, Proposal of products to go with an order, etc…).

Can you imagine. Having salespeople who can offer your customers a range of products that can enable you to maximize the day’s profits. There are already facilities that were doing this before Covid-19, and believe us: they were doing great!

  • The restriction of common areas, management of entrances, and compliance with safety distances will see the emergence of another figure for beach establishments: that of the “
    Beach Stewart

A person with strong empathy and perhaps even good looks, who can, with discretion and tact, enforce the spacing rules imposed to protect health and regulations imposed.

The Beach Stewart is not the classic security operator as we know him or her (the gorilloid Bouncer we all imagine) but rather a guy or gal who can interface with all types of Customers in your establishment, from the child to the elderly lady, with sympathy and kindness.

  • With the requirement of staggered access, you will be able to entrust your customer flow to a cold app, not yours, forcing you to have to adapt to something thought up by some Nerd somewhere in the world, and especially sharing the platform with YOUR POTENTIAL COMPETITORS, or Create a reservation system that allows for human contact between Customers and the establishment, through one or more figures that could be called “
    Umbrella Manager

This position would be in charge of staggering access, managing entries to the establishment, and the overall beach situation between entrances and exits, maximizing the available places in the various time slots.

Here are the figures that therefore, should not be lacking in your establishment:



These are figures that in other areas and with other names are now established and indispensable for carrying out activities. What we have simply done is to put them in a summer uniform and adapt the systems that regulate their activities to the beaches!

If you have come this far, it means you are reasoning about what you are reading, and we fully understand your doubts about it:

Where can I find them?

I will not have time to select them….

I will burden myself with more costs at the expense of income….


To these doubts we have solutions, we are sure we can help you!

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