Piazza Cinque Giornate, 1 - 20129 Milan, Italy

A company party as a way to meet again

On Sunday, December 22, at 11Clubroom in Milan, we re-enacted our corporate party to close out the year just past. Although it was a dinner, we have always been firm believers in calling the event a FEAST, why?

Our industry has a strong focus on services to nightlife, an environment made for most people who come to it as Clients, of entertainment. The same thing sometimes cannot be said for white-collar workers: working on public holidays, on weekends, at night are undoubtedly sacrifices.

Here, this year SC Management wanted to give the backbone of its facility a party, dedicated exclusively to people who when others stop and have fun, always work.

A date to see each other, meet again, and wish each other a merry Christmas and a good start of the year. Serenely and with due time, which we all often lack in the hustle and bustle of what our work entails.

A gift that tastes like thanksgiving. Of gratitude.

For all those who have believed and believe in what SC represents and what it can become, ever more consciously, with the help and cooperation of each and every actor in this wonderful story, which encompasses so many divine people from different places and heterogeneous experiences.

A new year begins, goals have been set. The engines are already running.

We are already at work to arrive at the 2020 FEAST with a load of hope that only those with solid roots can afford to have.

Happy New Year to all!