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Seasonal employees and unknowns for Holders

To be in May with the shutters still down is a shock to Everyone.

Seasonal activities took away important periods such as Easter weekend, the April 25 and May 1 bridges, which historically marked the awakening from the hibernation of winter and the call of summer.

Now, with the R-indices and overall contagion numbers seemingly trending downward, the assumptions are diverse, fanciful, and at times even outlandish.

Fortunately, the plexiglass talk for the Beaches was only a temporary and disturbing parenthesis, diverting to DISTANCTION and LIMITATIONS the outline of what beach establishments will face for this Summer 2020.

From here, we then continue the epic of the Owners’ difficulties: a 0€ low season and a handbrake high season, at best with fewer Clients than one might have thought, will have to put the focus on amortizing the costs that will be incurred for the Activity, particularly those concerning the Personnel that will be employed.

While waiting for a start-up date and protocols, there are few activities possible for Entrepreneurs and little time will also be available for the start-up of Activities once the GOAL is given.

If before we had a clear overall picture, made up of historians, periods of more or less work, etc., at this time we are facing a completely unpredictable Season.

How many people to take to work, how to best employ them and optimize costs then?

SC Management ‘s experience in areas of high volatility of workflows can enable the necessary elasticity and precise cost budgeting in reference to something completely unknown to date.

SC’s network also allows for constant updates on solutions that can be put in place to address problems that may come up due to new regulations on safety, spacing, and restrictions.

Personnel management never more so than now, could be a key asset for Seasonal Activities, also in terms of optimization and yield of the expense item, if treated with professionalism and consistency.

This is the reason for informing oneself in this period of “limbo” about new services, new things on the market at this time, keeping the bar high on innovations that can simplify and streamline work.

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