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Seasonal workers: is it worth hiring?

Catering is an industry notoriously marked by great seasonal variation: peaks of activity during the most fashionable seasons for hosting weddings, corporate parties, trade shows and sporting events lead many catering companies to face the issue of hiring seasonal workers.

But is it really worth hiring seasonally in the catering industry? In this article we look together at advantages and disadvantages and explore possible alternatives.


One of the main advantages is flexibility. The company can adapt to market conditions and the needs of its customers by hiring only the staff needed for the season. In addition, hiring seasonal workers can lead to greater staff diversity, providing additional employment opportunities for people looking for short-term work or who want to gain experience in the catering industry. In this way, the company can create a positive and inclusive work environment for all employees.

In seasons when demand is highest, additional staff can be hired on seasonal contracts, saving on wage costs, social security contributions and training costs, which are lower than those required for fixed-term contracts.


The quality of work can be affected by lack of continuity. Seasonal workers may not have the same experience or training as full-time employees-this could affect the overall quality of service provided. In addition, seasonal staff may not have as developed skills as those who work in the industry full-time, leading the company to have to invest in training resources that will not remain full-time on the team.

Another disadvantage of hiring seasonal workers is related to the difficulty of planning and management: the company will have to organize work and
for a variable number of employees. Hiring additional staff only for short periods of time may also affect the management of full-time staff, who may find themselves filling gaps when seasonal workers are not available. This is likely to result in increased pressure on team members and generate fatigue, just at the busiest time of activity for the company.


How can the quality of a seasonal employee’s work be guaranteed?

One solution might be to invest in a training and orientation program, helping new employees understand company procedures and get to grips with processes, ensuring that all workers have the same understanding of the work to be done.

In addition, the company might consider using a performance evaluation system, identifying the most competent and reliable employees who can be recalled for subsequent seasonal events. This can help the company ensure greater continuity and better quality of work, as well as help create a stronger relationship between seasonal and full-time employees, providing them with more opportunities for professional growth and earnings.


Another important aspect to consider when hiring seasonal employees is compliance with labor regulations. The company must ensure that all workers are in compliance with workplace safety regulations and receive all protections and safeguards required by law. This may involve an additional investment of time and resources, but this aspect is essential for both employees and the company.

Quali sono le alternative?

Finding, hiring and managing staff for the season is never easy and is particularly costly.A smart alternative is to rely on companies that specialize in staff management for the restaurant, event and clubbing industries, such as
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Not only will it be possible to lighten the workload of managers and owners of catering services, freeing up time and resources devoted to handling paperwork and administration, but it will be significantly easier to organize work teams and ensure customer satisfaction.

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