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Lounge staff wanted: the Great Resignation challenge

The COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on many sectors, but one of the hardest hit was precisely the restaurant industry. As restaurants closed and events became impossible to organize, many businesses had to drastically reduce staff. But now that the upswing in business is well established, and demand continues to grow, many of these businesses face an even greater challenge: finding qualified and motivated wait staff with whom to establish a solid and lasting working relationship.

Da cosa dipende il fenomeno?

There are several reasons why many workers in the restaurant industry leave their jobs and adopt new career prospects.

Many people lost their jobs because of the pandemic, and many of them had to change industries. This has created a shortage of workers in the Ho.Re.Ca. sector.

In addition, the pandemic period has generated many people to rethink their life priorities, especially in light of a climate of uncertainty.

In recent years, in fact, more and more people have been paying more attention to their mental health and mental and physical well-being: finding the right balance between work and personal life is a challenge that, those who work in the restaurant and event industries, face more than those who work in other sectors.

Le sfide del personale di sala

The wait staff represents in a sense the face of restaurant operations. They are the first people customers meet when they enter an establishment and the last people they relate to when they leave. They are responsible for welcoming customers and ensuring satisfaction with their overall experience.

It is important to remember, therefore, that room work is demanding not only physically, but also mentally.

The work of wait staff is sometimes undervalued or not considered in the right way: they often do not receive the recognition they deserve but, on the contrary, are seen as low-value employment.

Hall work is an extremely important and demanding job that requires a wide range of skills and abilities.

For many companies, the solution to many personnel management problems may be to consolidate long-lasting, strong relationships with their employees, breaking down the turnover problem.

At this stage, precisely, the problem of wait staff in the catering industry is not only about the shortage of available staff, but more importantly about the quality and competence of the available staff. Room staff must be highly skilled and motivated to provide high-quality customer service by managing stress and pressure, working as a team, and maintaining a positive and professional attitude throughout the workday.

Quali strategie adottare?

How can restaurant businesses address this challenge? First, it is necessary to create a stimulating and rewarding work environment for the wait staff. This means offering fair wages and sustainable working hours but also opportunities for professional growth.

Our experience in personnel management, whether through the

contracting of services

and through the activity of

employment agency

, has shown that it is possible for those working in the room to aspire to career growth and evolution.

Room work does not have to be a transient occupation, to be done as temporary employment. Instead, it is, for all intents and purposes, a career path through which it is possible to attain even senior positions, acquiring ever new skills and developing one’s talents in customer management and communication with the work team, acquiring or perfecting soft skills that are fundamental for those who work in contact with the public.

Training of wait staff should include problem solving and time management techniques so that their employees can deal with the challenges of the job efficiently while ensuring quality of service at all times.


SC Academy

has a wide range of professionalizing courses, dedicated both to those who are novices and to those who wish to consolidate their experience and preparation with advanced and customized classes. Although our courses have a decidedly operational focus, our sensitivity and the experience of SC Academy’s team of trainers will help explore and develop soft skills critical to working in the room efficiently and prepared.