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Catering staff: the perfect team for perfect service

Catering is a complex and demanding activity that requires the commitment of several professionals to ensure the perfect success of the event. Among the different figures that make up the catering staff, we can distinguish the catering manager/event planner, the room manager, the bartenders, and the service staff.


The catering manager is the main figure in charge of organizing the event. This is an experienced and knowledgeable person who coordinates all activities by managing the organization of the event in toto. The event plannerd needs to be able to handle emergencies and resolve any problems that may arise during the service. In addition, it must be able to maintain a high level of service quality, ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.


The venue manager is the event planner’s right-hand man. This is a highly specialized figure who is in charge of room management during the catering service. The room manager must be able to manage the service staff, coordinating the activities of each individual team member. In addition, he or she must be able to handle customer requests and ensure that the service runs smoothly and professionally.


The bartender is the person in charge of bar management during the catering service. This is a very experienced and creative person who must be able to prepare high quality cocktails and drinks. The bartender must be able to run the bar professionally, ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.


The wait staff is in charge of table service management. It is a trained team accustomed to working in great coordination, which must be able to handle customer demands and ensure maximum satisfaction during service. The service staff must be courteous and attentive, and must be able to handle the service professionally and without mistakes.

The wait staff can be divided into different figures, depending on their specific duties during the service. For example, we find commis de rang, who are in charge of table preparation and serving dishes; commis de vin, who are in charge of drink preparation and bar service; and runners, who are in charge of bringing dishes from the kitchen to the table and serving water to customers, and of uncluttering and maintaining order and general cleanliness of the room during service.

In addition to the main figures of the catering staff, there are also other figures that may be involved during the service, depending on the specific needs of the event: cleaning managers, who are in charge of cleaning the bathrooms and event spaces, or security managers, who are in charge of ensuring the security of the event.

In any case, the catering staff plays a key role in the success of the event. Their preparation, professionalism and courtesy are essential to ensure maximum customer satisfaction and to make the event run smoothly. Good coordination among the various venue staff, and clear and timely communication with the venue manager, are key to ensuring the success of the event and providing customers with a memorable experience.

With our team of more than 500 resources, we are able to guarantee the perfect catering service, thanks to the skills and professionalism that each figure possesses.