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Losing DISOCCUPATION? Here are in which cases

Under what circumstances is unemployment lost?

A person who finds himself or herself without a job cannot always call himself or herself
; for the
recognition of the state of unemployment
, in fact, there are specific rules to be followed.

Of course, to be recognized as unemployed one must be
without employment
, provided that the last employment was lost due to causes beyond one’s control (dismissal, non-renewal of contract or resignation for cause).

In this case, it is possible to submit the
request to the employment center
but declaring themselves immediately available for both the performance of work and participation in active labor policy measures.

Being recognized for all intents and purposes as unemployed is very important because in this case it is possible – should one meet the requirements – to benefit from social security income support treatments such asand the
Naspi unemployment benefit.

In addition, there are regions that provide ad hoc income support measures for certain categories of the unemployed, and these also require the
recognition of the state of unemployment
By the Job Center. Not to mention that with the support of the Job Centers and the services they offer, it will be easier to find new employment and get back into the workforce.

Unemployment status, however, is not “eternal” since there are certain events that result in its loss. For example, this occurs when the unemployed person finds a new employment that provides him or her with an income above the statutory threshold, but also if the latter refuses to take part in the
training and orientation activities
proposed by the Job Center.

We will analyze all the cases that result in the loss of unemployment status – and thus, where applicable,
also of the Naspi
– in the remainder of the article.

Absence from Job Center convocations.

The job center has the authority to
summon the unemployed person to the
for a variety of reasons, from confirming unemployment status to drafting personal profiling and concluding the personalized service pact. In addition, the unemployed person has a duty to hold meetings with the activity manager at a frequency specified when the pact is signed.

Any absence from an Employment Center convocation should be
communicated with adequate notice and justified

Failure to do so will result in the unemployed person being subject to various penalties, such as:

  • 1st unexcused absence
    : curtailment-where applicable-of one-fourth of Naspi unemployment benefits;

  • 2nd unexcused absence
    : curtailment – where applicable – of one month of Naspi;

  • 3rd unexcused absence
    : loss of unemployment.

In addition, the unemployed person is obliged to participate in the active policy initiatives selected for him or her by the Job Center; in this case, too, unjustified absence is sanctioned first by the curtailment of one month of Naspi and then-at the
second absence
– with the loss of unemployment status.

New job

Having found a new job does not result in immediate loss of unemployment status. In fact, it may be the case that the salary received is very low or the duration of the contract is less than 6 months: these employment relationships, therefore, are not sufficient to consider that the unemployed person has been reintegrated into the labor market and as such maintain unemployment.

In what cases, then, does new employment cause the unemployed person to no longer be considered unemployed? This occurs when:

  • the employment contract has
    duration of more than 6 months
    . For employment relationships of less than 6 months, in fact, unemployment status is only suspended;
  • the annual income from employment or self-employment is
    greater than €8,000
  • annual income from self-employment (so for the unemployed person starting a new business) is
    greater than €4,800

Failure to accept a new job

Unemployment is also lost when one does not accept a reasonable job offer – made by the Job Center – without a justified reason.

With unemployment, in fact, you make yourself
immediately available for a new job
and therefore any rejected offer must be justified.

In this regard, it is important to understand when for the unemployed person. a job offer of congruous definition and when it is not (we can refer to a recent circular from ANPAL, in which clarity was provided on when a job offer is considered congruous and therefore non-acceptance can result in the loss of unemployment).