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Voluntary resignation: everything has changed from before


As of March 12, 2016, employees must report their resignation or consensual termination of employment through a new online procedure, introduced by Legislative Decree Sept. 14, 2015, no. 151, available on the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy website. The initiative aims to counter the phenomenon of “blank resignation” that particularly penalizes certain categories of workers.

To whom is it addressed?

The service is intended for all male and female workers who wish to notify their resignation.

How is it done?

You can communicate your resignation by independently filling out the online form for transmitting the communication available by accessing the

online service


If you log in from the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs website, you will still be redirected to the INPS access control system to authenticate with your
PIN device

Alternatively, it is possible to contact an authorized party (patronage, trade union organization, bilateral body, certification commissions, labor consultants, territorial offices of the National Labor Inspectorate) who will be responsible for compiling the data and sending it to the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy on behalf of the worker.

Initially, the information needed to identify the employment relationship will be requested:

  • If the relationship was established prior to 2008, certain information about the employer (e.g., tax identification number or company name) and the employment relationship (e.g., date of commencement of employment and type of contract) must be provided;
  • If the employment relationship started after 2008, however, some data are pre-filled;

In both cases it is important to provide in the appropriate fields the company’s e-mail address or PEC.

Finally, the effective date of the resignation, i.e., the day after the last day of employment, must be indicated.

Within seven days from the date of transmitting the form, the resignation may be revoked in the same manner.

For further details, a

video tutorial

for users published by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy.

Source: INPS – National Social Security Institute