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What is the DURC? What is it for?

The Single Document of Regularity of Contributions or DURC is the attestation of the regularity of contributions
, INAIL, Cassa edile, issued by the competent Cassa edile in the area, which is necessary for the start of work on a contract in Italy.

The Italian Ministry of Labor and Social Policy set April 15. 2005 the date for the nationwide launch of the procedures for the application and issuance, in unified and telematic form, of the DURC, to be used for Public contracts and subcontracts and private works, subject to the issuance of building permit or
, as well as for theSOA attestation.

Already in the transitional phase, ascertaining the regularity of enterprises–by INAIL, INPS, Construction Funds–has proved problematic and has greatly complicated the activities of local authorities, especially in theconstruction and public works sectors. This document is aimed at suppressing undeclared work and insurance and contribution irregularities.

As of January 1, 2009, therequirement for possession of the DURC has been extended to all firms working under contract or subcontract of any kind of work even outside the construction industry, but excluding from the obligation craftsmen working on their own without employees even though the certifying body is still required to issue the certification where required even if not necessary.

As stipulated in Article 4 of the

decree law

n. 34/2014 (conv. by L. No. 78/2014), as of July 1, 2015, anyone who has an interest in it, including the same company, verifies in an exclusively telematic manner and in real time the regularity of contributions with respect to INPS, INAIL and, for companies required to apply the contracts of the construction sector, with respect to the Building Funds.

The interrogation finding is valid for 120 days from the date of acquisition and replaces the single document of regularity of contribution for all purposes. Upon registration, the service can be accessed on the INPS or INAIL portal.